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Applications Support

Applications Expertise in Kiru (cutting), Kezuru (grinding), Migaku (polishing)

We believe that what our customers really want is not just the products that DISCO supplies but the processing results derived from using our products as a means to an end. Based on this idea, we provide the processing know-how (application technology) related to Kiru (cutting), Kezuru (grinding) and Migaku (polishing) accumulated over a long period of time as the best processing results through free-of-charge processing tests (test cuts).
The test cut support reinforces the trusting relationships with our customers and at the same time brings out further advanced expertise to draw on, including the process leading to these results. Such accumulation of know-how is what sustains our response toward highly-advance inquires from our customers.

Applications Example

Applications R&D Labs Around the Globe

The DISCO Head Office Applications R&D Laboratory, respected throughout the industry, features 35 machines, over 3,000 different diamond products, and 50 highly skilled applications engineers. This large and central lab handles test requests from around the world, while local facilities in Japan (Sendai, Osaka, and Kumamoto) and the US, Germany, Singapore, and China let customers participate in research at locations convenient to them.

Customers use DISCO's applications facilities in a variety of ways. Some ship their wafers or other workpieces, letting DISCO investigate and select the optimum machines, abrasive tools, and processing conditions for the job. Many customers, however, take advantage of DISCO's open doors and visit the labs themselves, working closely with DISCO's engineers to create new processes and solutions.

In fact, many manufacturers consult DISCO Applications R&D at the design stage of a new product. DISCO's engineers are eager to participate in such research, as DISCO seeks always to be the first point of contact for any Kiru, Kezuru, Migaku need.

Your Nearest DISCO Office

Available Equipment

This introduces the equipment that will be used for test cuts at the Applications Labs of DISCO worldwide affiliate offices. It is also possible to do test cuts with machines that are not shown here. And at the DISCO Corporation (Tokyo), DISCO HI-TEC AMERICA (California), DISCO HI-TEC EUROPE (Munich), DISCO HI-TEC CHINA(Shanghai), and DISCO HI-TEC SINGAPORE (Singapore), test cuts with some equipment can be conducted in a clean room. For details, please contact your DISCO sales representative.

Machine Models Used in Applications Support

DISCO Corporation (Tokyo)

Laser Saws DFL7160, DFL7161, DFL7360, DFL7361, DFL7362
Dicing Saws DAD323, DAD3241, DAD3350, DAD3360, DAD3431, DAD3650, DFD6240, DFD6340, DFD6341, DFD6361, DFD6362, DFD6560
Grinders DAG810, DFG8540, DFG8640, DFG8830
Polishers DFP8140, DGP8761, DMG8762
Related Equipment For details, please contact your DISCO sales representative.


Laser Saws DFL7360
Dicing Saws DAD3220, DFD6362, DAD3350, DFD6340
Grinders DAG810, DFG8540
Polishers DFP8140, DGP8760+DFM2700
Related Equipment DCS1410, DWR1720


Laser Saws DFL7160 (Fullcut/Grooving)
Dicing Saws DFD6340, DFD6361 (Half Cut/Full Cut)
Grinders DAG810 (TAIKO and Package Grinding)
Polishers DGP8761 CMP, DGP8761+DFM2800
Related Equipment Co2 Bubbler, StayClean & StayClean injector, Backgrind waste water treatment plant for ISO14000., SEM


Laser Saws DFL7340, DAL7020
Dicing Saws DFD6362, DAD3350, DAD322
Grinders -
Polishers DGP8760+DFM2800
Related Equipment Laminator (12 inch), UV Irradiator, DWR1720x 2, Co2 Bubbler, StayClean & StayClean injector


Laser Saws DFL7560L
Dicing Saws DFD6361, DFD6560, DAD3650
Grinders -
Polishers DGP8761+DFM2800
Related Equipment DCS1460, BG Tape Laminator, RAD3510 (8, 12in), UV irradiator (Max 12in), DWR1721, CC filter unit


Dicing-Grinding Service at DISCO HI-TEC EUROPE GmbH:https://www.dicing-grinding.com.

Laser Saws DFL7160, DFL7340, DFL7341, DFL7340FH, DKL7440, DFL7262
Dicing Saws DAD3220, DAD3221, DAD3350, DAD3360, DAD3650, DFD6340, DFD6341, DFD6361, DFD6560, DFD6363
Grinders/Polishers DAG810, DFG8340, DFG8540, DFG8761 + DFG2800, DFP8140, DAS8920, DFS8910
Related Equipment DDS2010, DKS2240, DWR1722, DTU1531, DCS1440, DPM2190CX, DFX2400, DIS100, KABRA!zen


Laser Saws DFL7360, DFL7362
Dicing Saws DAD3240, DAD3350
Grinders DAG810
Polishers DGP8761+DFM2800
Die Separator DDS2300


Please feel free to contact us with any questions or inquiries.