DISCO's guarantee policy for customer using DISCO Products

DISCO CORPORATION ("DISCO") will provide compensation for damages ("Damages") in accordance with the "Terms of Responsibility" in below in case that a product sold or leased by DISCO ("DISCO Products") to customer and/or services (including but not limited to installation and maintenance of DISCO Products, hereinafter “Service”) provided by DISCO causes any damages, defectiveness, or destruction ("Defects") to customer's products or products in progress, etc., regardless of whether or not the DISCO Products are under warranty.
However, Damages will not include loss of opportunity, loss of profit, damages caused by exceptional circumstances, incidental damages, consequential damages, etc., and DISCO will not be liable for the compensation of them under any circumstances. In any case, DISCO’s liabilities under the transaction of the DISCO Products and/or Service shall be limited up to the total amount paid by customer to DISCO for the DISCO Products and/or Service specified in each individual transaction. Even though there are several causes in the damages to the specific DISCO Products of or Service for customer, such limitation shall not be increased.
In addition, DISCO will only be liable for the compensation under and subject to the Defects objectively being proved that they were due to the reasons attributable to DISCO (initial failure, improper design, unachieved specification, obvious deficiencies in Service and evident violation to customer’s instruction, etc.).
Notwithstanding the foregoing, in the case that customer and DISCO agree with different terms and conditions relating to the Damages on or after August 14, 2015 (the publish date of this policy on this HP), such different terms and conditions will be applied.

Terms of Responsibility

DISCO will compensate the amount which DISCO’s liability ratio for Defects is multiplied to actual Damages of the devices in the defective wafers up to, whichever lower, the total amount of the price of first twenty five (25) pieces of wafers or the total amount of the price of the wafers in the first cassette processed on or after the occurrence of the Defects in the customer products or products in progress, etc.
However, under any circumstances, the amount of the compensation for the Damages shall not exceed ten (10) % of the sales price of the DISCO Products (except for precision processing tools) which caused the Defects. For avoidance of doubt, in the case that DISCO Products caused the Defects are the blades, wheels and in the case of the Service, the terms of "ten (10) %" aforementioned shall not be applied and the amount of the compensation for the Damages shall not exceed the purchase price of ten (10) wheels, two-hundred (200) blades and purchase price of the Service which caused the Defects.
In addition, DISCO will only be liable for the compensation under and subject to the following terms:

  1. Not using DISCO Products in erroneous environment, condition, or methods;
  2. DISCO Products were not transported or moved by customer itself after those installation or start-up by DISCO;
  3. Customer using the precision diamond tools (eg; blades, wheels) manufactured and sold by DISCO;
  4. Customer not using the parts other than genuine DISCO brand, which were manufactured by or purchased from any other parties than DISCO;
  5. Seven (7) years have not passed from the shipment or thirty (30) days have not passed from the provision of Service of the defective DISCO Products;
  6. Defective DISCO Products have not been repaired or modified (excluding the repair or modification by DISCO or that with written consent of DISCO);
  7. DISCO Products have never been maintained by any other parties than DISCO, and the Defects are arisen despite of customer making the proper maintenance for the DISCO Products according to the manuals provided by DISCO and such fact is proved by objectively recorded evidence;
  8. Defects are not caused by customer's failure in replacement of lifetime parts and consumables due to exhaustion, abrasion, deterioration etc;
  9. Defects are caused even though customer checked condition of the DISCO Products properly (including but not limited to checking DISCO Products run or operate normally or DISCO Products run or operate as customer expected) after the Service, and customer promptly notified DISCO of such Defects;
  10. Defects are not caused by customer's own processing methods/conditions and usage of DISCO Products without written consent of DISCO;
  11. Customer not continuing the use of the defective DISCO Products despite realizing the Defects;
  12. Customer's process is objectively confirmed as appropriate from the point of prevention or discovery of the Defects and avoidance of increase in the damages; and
  13. Defects are not unforeseeable from perspective of science and technology standards at the time of shipment from DISCO side and/or provision of the Service.

Revision date: April 1, 2018

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