Environmental Vision 2020

Environmental Vision

DISCO is continuously pursuing initiatives aimed at reducing our environmental footprint and has established a mid-and-long term roadmap in the form of our Environmental Vision.
The Environmental Vision 2020 is an evolution of the original Environmental Vision, which outlined the desired state for 2010.
The Environmental Vision 2020 sets out four main goals to be achieved, namely, Reduction of CO2 Emissions, Resource Saving Activities, Pollution Prevention, and Conservation of Biodiversity.

Environmental Vision 2020

Achieving Environmental Corporate Excellence by FY2020

Reduction of CO2 Emissions

  • 3.8% reduction in DISCO's CO2 emissions for business activities (consumption rate to sales) by FY2020 compared to FY2010 levels.

Resource Saving Activities

  • Elimination of all forms of mottainai from all business activities.

Elimination of mottainai means not wasting finite and valuable resources such as water, electricity, gas, paper and waste used or emitted by the business activities, and using them wisely, not only subjectively but objectively.

Pollution Prevention

  • Continued preservation of zero environmental accidents.
  • Forward-looking collection of information regarding hazardous substances and related requirements, and taking prompt and appropriate action.

Conservation of Biodiversity

  • Contribution to local nature conservation activities.