Biodiversity Action Guidelines

This guideline applies to all DISCO GROUP

The DISCO Group has established the following guidelines to preserve the biodiversity of the planet, basing all actions on our environmental policies.

  1. Recognize that preservation of biodiversity is an important topic to form a recycling-oriented society and allocate appropriate management resources.
  2. Grasp the environmental impact of company activities, including the procurement of raw materials, and make continuous efforts to reduce that impact.
  3. Preserve biodiversity by endeavoring to carry out environmentally-conscious design, manufacturing and sales activities.
  4. Enlighten all employees about the importance of preserving biodiversity and accelerate self-motivated activities.
  5. Communicate and coordinate information with suppliers and other stakeholders to promote the preservation of national and regional biodiversity.
  6. Preserve forest, river and ocean biodiversity by conducting regional communication and pollution prevention activities.

These guidelines apply to all members of the DISCO Group.
Publish to all internal and external concerned parties.

Enacted on March 1, 2010

Kazuma Sekiya, President and COO