DISCO's Capacity Development

Concepts of DISCO's Capacity Development

Within a constantly changing business environment, it has become even more important for employees to develop their ability to respond to change. We believe that displays of originality and capability depend on the intent of each employee. To encourage such intentions and ambitions, DISCO has developed numerous training programs that aim to create an environment in which every single employee can take personal responsibility for developing their abilities.

Basic Policy on Capacity Development

  1. Responsibility to society and customers
  2. Obligations as an employee
    - Obligations as a DISCO member
    - Obligations as a manager
  3. Support for career building through freedom of choice and personal responsibility
  4. Strategic development from an early stage
  5. System for career support

Career Support System

Unique Training Programs

New Mid-Career Employee Training

This training aims to help employees who have just joined DISCO become accustomed to the work environment and begin contributing to the company from an early stage.
Through this training, employees learn about the basic structures and rules at DISCO.
In addition, we provide opportunities for continual education about our corporate philosophy, DISCO Values, which identifies DISCO ideals from various perspectives, including company direction, basic approach to management, and work standards for each and every employee.

Kiru/Kezuru/Migaku (KKM) Training

This training enables employees to learn more deeply about DISCO’s business field, KKM.
In this training, employees have the opportunity to engage with actual equipment, study processing principles, and gain deeper knowledge about DISCO products and technology.
In addition to training provided by the company, employees are encouraged to organize and hold training sessions in their own specialized fields. There are various courses, including in communication, programming, and marketing, with many opportunities for employees to advance their skills.

Self-Development Support System

DISCO has also prepared various support systems to encourage employees to continue self-motivated, independent learning, including subsidies for correspondence courses and in-house English-language training by native instructors.

Last updated: 2021/09/02