History of Pursuit of Sustainability

  • History

    Award history, etc.

  • Founding


  • DISCO registered with the Japan Securities Dealers Association for trading in the over-the-counter market


  • Switched DISCO’s business strategy to a focused strategy
    Focused management resources on “Kiru,” “Kezuru,” and “Migaku,” which are the core technologies of DISCO, and on “application,” which is the technology that uses these core technologies.

    The bursting of the bubble economy and the silicon cycle wave hit at the same time, and business performance deteriorated. Although the business had growth potential, we had no choice but to withdraw from the vertical diffusion furnace business, which took time to return a profit.


  • Implemented Amoeba Management’s accounting method

    Since it became necessary to introduce management accounting due to the organizational change to the business division system, we adopted the accounting method of Kyocera Corporation’s Amoeba Management. This became the basis for Will accounting, our original management accounting that would be created later.


  • Certified by the German Technical Inspection Association (TUV), a safety standard inspection and certification body officially recognized by the European Commission, and started displaying the CE mark on equipment bound for Europe.



    An in-house public relations magazine created to inform employees about the purpose and significance of DISCO’s activities

    As a result of the company's rapid growth, the number of employees exceeded 750, and from executives to employees, dozens of people from completely different industries with different ​​cultures and values joined us each year. DISCO’s management, feeling that it was becoming challenging to build common understanding between such diverse human resources, started to restructure the organizational management and create a corporate culture by organizing and reconfirming DISCO’s original values.

    PS Operation Division acquired an ISO 9001 certification, a quality management system established by the International Organization for Standardization.


  • The standard specification for DISCO products was established as having to meet both CE mark and SEMI standards*
    *Standards set for the purpose of unifying the international industrial standards of the semiconductor industry by Semiconductor Equipment and Materials International.

    To provide customers with safety as a value, and to aim to create products that not only meet the standards of the country/region they are being shipped to, but also the demands of customers all over the world, it was stipulated that meeting both the CE mark and SEMI standards would be the standard specification for DISCO products. Later, in 2002, DISCO's Product Identity, which was formulated as the basic concept of DISCO products, inherited this idea in the form of “being a product that has passed the strictest standards in the countries where it is used.”


  • DISCO Values was established and shared within the company.

    Over the course of two years, the first edition of our corporate values, ​​DISCO VALUES, was completed by the DISCO FUTURE PROJECT. The role that DISCO intends to play in society, that is, the social mission (Mission), and the corporate image (Target) that we aim for in order to make steady progress toward the realization of this mission, is clarified in this. Click here for details.

    Bringing faraway science to comfortable living through advanced ‘Kiru’, ‘Kezuru’, ‘Migaku’ technologies

    Our technology and service are to become international standards, bringing delight worldwide

    By achieving excellence in all of our corporate activities, our existence will be welcomed by our stakeholders and society

    "DISCO VALUES" is available to all employees and is distributed in a binder format.

    Declared the Disco Environmental Charter


  • ISO 14001 (environmental management) certification acquired for Hiroshima Works


  • DISCO shares listed on the First Section of Tokyo Stock Exchange

    Customer Satisfaction Survey (CS Survey) was started

    We started a customer satisfaction survey (CS survey) in the form of a questionnaire. We consider it to be an important measure in order to know the voice of our customers.


  • ISO 9001 acquired for DISCO HI-TEC AMERICA, INC.


  • Supplier Satisfaction Survey (SS Survey) was started


  • DISCO’s purchasing attitude,
    Buyer's Oath, was established

    DISCO‘s purchasing attitude, which is to regard suppliers as equal business partners and to carry out fair business in accordance with laws and regulations, was clearly stipulated. In addition, we place all employees who come into contact with our suppliers in the position of buyers, and have indicated the actions that buyers should follow in the Buyer's Oath.

    Click here for details

    DISCO VALUES Management Guidelines was established

    Over 200 detailed statements were added in order to make it easier for all DISCO members, including both officers and employees, to behave and make decisions in line with our Mission and Target stated in DISCO VALUES, on top of carrying out daily corporate activities and business operations.

    DISCO’s Product Identity was established

    We established a concept that will be the starting point for creating DISCO-like products. It summarizes the ideas that should be reflected in all products, such as what the products offered by DISCO are and what the provision of those products means.


  • Will accounting was started

    In addition to the fixed and variable costs in the existing management accounting, we started to manage expenses in a new category called “controlled expenses.” We established a system that allows members to guarantee their profit when profits are expected to deteriorate, by reducing controlled expenses. In addition, we established a “Will penalty” system to improve work inefficiency, and a “Will reward” system to award incentives when efficiency is successfully achieved and to encourage further contributions. By targeting the entire company, we have raised awareness towards profits throughout DISCO and strengthened our governance of expenses.

    Employee Satisfaction Survey (ES Survey) was started

    We continue to conduct anonymous employee satisfaction surveys to create an environment where employees can work more comfortably. We investigate the main causes of satisfaction and dissatisfaction for all employees including at overseas affiliate offices, and notify the results as feedback to all employees. By doing this, this information is utilized for workplace revitalization, development management of younger members, and further improvement of job satisfaction.

    PIM (Performance Innovation Management) activity was started

    A DISCO-style improvement activity.
    This is an activity that aims to continuously evolve and improve operations. You specify the “ideal form” and goals of the operation, set the target values ​​(indicators) to measure progress, and if you are not able to reach that target, you repeatedly analyze “why.” This promotes realizations (kizuki), based on which you will change the way you carry out the operation (method change), and achieve your goal, upon which you will set a new goal.

    Expanded the scope of the ISO 9001 certification to all domestic bases


  • OHSAS 18001 certification acquired by Hiroshima Works

    Environmental Vision 2010 was established

    Established Green Product Guidelines for design and development methods that reduce the environmental load during the product’s life cycle

    Head office and R&D center was newly built/relocated to Omori, Ota-ku, Tokyo (earthquake-resistant structure)

    New Childcare Support System was introduced

    We established new systems such as shorter working hours for childcare purposes and leave to support work-childcare balance.


  • Expanded the scope of the ISO 14001 certification to all domestic bases


  • Subsidy System for Infertility Treatment Costs was introduced

    A new seismic isolation structure building at the Kure Plant (precision processing tools production base) was completed

    For the first time, we adopted a seismic isolation structure to minimize the damage caused by earthquakes. All buildings and factories constructed after this have adopted the seismic isolation structure.


  • Acquired a business continuity management system standard BS25999-2: 2007 certification

    In-house Recruitment System was started

    This is a system where each department presents the required experience, abilities, and conditions necessary for their department’s job within the company, and selects human resources from among the applicants.

    Developed the DWR1720 deionized water recycling unit,
    which produces zero wastewater, for use with dicing saws.

    When introducing a dicing saw, an equipment that treats and recycles the wastewater generated during processing is indispensable. In the case of a conventional pure water plant, installation requires a site of around 100 m2, a dedicated building, and plumbing work. DISCO's pure water recycling unit implements “pure water production,” “water temperature control,” “filtration,” and “waste liquid treatment” all in one unit, and because it is small-sized at 0.72 m2, you can build a pure water facility that is flexible and speedy according to the number of dicing saws owned. In addition, in the case of a conventional pure water plant, the recycling rate is generally limited to about 90%, but when using DWR, 99.5%* can be recycled as pure water.
    * 0.5% is lost due to vaporization.


  • DISCO Omori Nursery Room was opened at the head office and R&D center


  • Biodiversity Action Guidelines were established

    Pandemic Program project was started

    In response to the swine flu epidemic at the time, we started activities to meet the goals of “Not a single infected person among employees and their families,” and “To establish a system that allows business continuity regardless of the situation.” These activities have become the cornerstone of today's pandemic strategy. Using these activities as a trigger, all employees started measuring their body temperatures before commuting and disinfecting their hands at the employee entrance area.

    Mask replacement and hand sanitization at employee entrance

    DISCO VISION 2020 was announced

    In addition to management plans related to businesses and organizations, in relation to DISCO’s stakeholders (employees, customers, shareholders, business partners, local communities), we determined the ideal state that we want to create and the results that we want to achieve with regard to each stakeholder by 2020.


    Selected as 8th place in the “Best Workplace” ranking

    Chosen in the “Best Workplace” ranking organized by the Great Place to Work® Institute Japan (GPTW Japan).

  • Environmental Vision 2020 was announced

    Individual Will accounting was started

    We evolved the original departmental management accounting system that started in 2003 into a system for individual employees. By quantifying the results of each person's work and visualizing it as income and expenditure, the purpose is to improve individual job satisfaction, to commit to achieving results in one’s own work, and to actively engage in one’s work.


    Selected as 11th place in the “Best Workplace” ranking

  • Became the first Japanese company to acquire the ISO 22301:2012 Business Continuity Management System Standard certification

    PIM Dan Improvement Program was started

    Originally, the improvement results of each department were shared within the organization. The presentation method was then changed to include individual rankings for employees starting from 10 Kyu, and now presentation matches are held between departments, and the winner is decided by the amount of Will bet by the audience.

    Global Challenge System was started

    This is a system that provides employees who have the spirit to want to grow through overseas work with the opportunity to take on the challenge of working overseas of their own initiative. Whenever there is a need for human resources at each overseas affiliate office, we recruit applicants in an open recruitment format.


    Selected as 7th place in the “Best Workplace” ranking

  • “Excellence in Health” was set as one of the management goals, and efforts towards health management were started


    Selected as 10th place in the “Best Workplace” ranking

  • Will bonus was started

    Bonuses now reflect the individual income and expenditure of each employee and the performance of each department under the individual Will accounting system.

    Free Department Transfer System was started

    It is a system that allows employees to transfer departments freely for the purpose of realizing their career plan and improving their motivation. Without using the in-house recruitment system that started in 2008, one can transfer departments if they reach out to the department they wish to transfer to and reach an agreement, and the current department cannot prevent this transfer.
    In this year, the individual Will accounting system was linked to the bonus system. As a result, awareness of profitability management in each department increased, and even regarding applications for transfer, whether or not to accept the application started to be considered more rigorously based on the Will income and expenditure of the department. Enabling free transfer to departments desired by each employee with the background of individual Will accounting led not only to the self-actualization of employees, but also removed the resource bias of the entire company, leading to higher overall productivity.


  • Free Work Office Choice System was started

    It is a system that allows employee to change just the work office without changing their department. By enabling employees to work in offices that suit their lifestyles and career plans, we aim to further improve employee satisfaction and performance.

    Nomination and Compensation Advisory Board was established

    Introduced a personnel system where maternity leave and childcare leave do not hinder career advancement (promotion)

    Self-assessment System regarding the effectiveness of the board of directors was introduced


    Selected as 6th place in the “Best Workplace” ranking

  • Decided to prohibit discrimination based on LGBT, gender identity, and sexual orientation, and notified this decision to the entire company

    In the Management Guidelines established in 2002, it was clearly stated that all discrimination based on gender, age, nationality, race, religion, and educational background is prohibited. However, in response to social issues such as discrimination based on gender identity and sexual orientation, we determined a more specific policy in order to create an environment where all employees can work without discrimination, and announced this policy throughout the company in an easy-to-understand format.

    DISCO presents Discovery Channel Programming Contest was held for the first time

    While IoT and AI are progressing, the shortage of excellent software engineers in these areas is a global issue. We continue to hold this event to discover and support software engineers who will create the future.

    The scope of the external certification acquisition of ISO14001 was changed to Hiroshima Works only


    Selected as 4th place in the “Best Workplace” ranking

  • Childcare System Seminar for Male Employees (Information Session for Dads) was held

    DISCO Programming Contest @HIROSHIMA was held

    Introduced the Hourly Paid Leave System


    Selected as 4th place in the “Best Workplace” ranking

    Recognized as a “Health and Productivity Organization (White 500) 2017”

    Received the Grand Prize (Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare Award) at the 1st “Company/Workplace that is Easy to Work in and has High Productivity Awards”

    Selected as 4th place in the “Best Workplace” ranking for women

  • Began operations at Nagano Works Chino Plant

    The Nagano Plant was established for the purpose of strengthening BCM (Business Continuity Management) responsiveness by preparing for future demand expansion and decentralizing production bases concentrated in Kure City in Hiroshima Prefecture. In January 2021, the production building, which is 6.5 times the size of the existing building, was completed.

    Representative Director Evaluation Committee was established

    This is a committee comprising of outside directors and outside corporate auditors in order to evaluate the appropriateness of business execution by the representative director with the goal of strengthening corporate governance.


    Won the Excellence Award at the 10th “Work-Life Balance Awards”
    Organizer: Japan Productivity Center
    Work-life Balance Promotion Meeting

  • Became the first company to develop and publish a JSA standard: Employee Satisfaction Standards JSA-S1001

    Global consultation desk for harassment was established

    This is a system where one can directly consult with the head office in Japan about harassment at overseas affiliate offices.


    Selected as 3rd place in the “Best Workplace” ranking for 2019

    Selected as 3rd place in the “Best Workplace” ranking for women for 2019

    Selected under the “Health & Productivity Stock Selection Program” for the first time
    At the same time, recognized as a “Health and Productivity Organization (White 500) 2019” for 3 consecutive years

    Received the 2018 “Supplier Continuous Quality Improvement (SCQI) Award” from Intel Corporation

  • 2020

    Hiroshima Works Kuwabata Factory wins the 8th “Green Social Contribution Award”

    Received the “Ministerial Award for Regional Revitalization Support Tax System (Corporate Hometown Tax Payment)” from the Cabinet Office

    Selected under the “Health & Productivity Stock Selection Program” for 2 consecutive years
    Recognized as a “Health and Productivity Organization (White 500) 2020” for 4 consecutive years

    Received the 2019 “Supplier Continuous Quality Improvement (SCQI) Award” from Intel Corporation