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Grinding Wheels suitable for GaAs Wafers

Application processing examples

Grinding of GaAs (gallium arsenide) wafers tends to cause plucking (holes made by peeling) or scratching on the surface. In addition, depending on the difference of the wafer manufacturing process, the processability of the GaAs wafers varies. Through repeated processing verification activities, DISCO can provide appropriate support when you select wheels that are suitable for wafer characteristics or optimal grinding conditions.

Process Example

In the normal GaAs wafer processing, the #600 wheel is used for rough grinding. DISCO will recommend a suitable specification for a wheel to be used in the finishing grinding, after considering requested surface roughness and the wheel’s processability of the wafers.

The below graph shows the surface roughness of the wafers which were processed with frequently-used resin bond wheels (Ra, reference values).

Surface roughness for Each Mesh Size(Ra)


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