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TAIKO Process


The TAIKO process is the name of a wafer back grinding process. This method is different to conventional back grinding. When grinding the wafer, the TAIKO process leaves an edge (approximately 3 mm) on the outer most circumference of the wafer and thin grinds only the inner circumference. By using this method, it lowers the risk of thin wafer handling and lowers warpage.

TAIKO Process

“TAIKO Process” merits

By leaving a frame on the outer circumference of the wafer

  • Lowers wafer warpage
  • Improves wafer strength

Improves the ease of wafer handling
Improves the ease of processing (through hole formation, bump distribution, etc) after thinning

TAIKO Process

Advantage of integrated structure* compare to a hard substrate

  • When a high-temperature process (metallization, etc) is required after wafer thinning, out gas does not occur.
  • Lower introduction of particles due to integrated structure and simple shape

*The wafer can maintain its structure (shape) without using a hard substrate.

  • Wafer hold based on hard substrate

    Wafer hold based on hard substrate
  • TAIKO Wafer

    TAIKO Wafer

Advantages of not putting a load on the outer circumference when grinding

  • Easy to grind a wafer with a step on the outer circumference
  • Zero edge chipping
  • Standard Process

    Standard Process
  • TAIKO Process

    TAIKO Process

TAIKO Process Flow

TAIKO Process Flow



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